Image 1 Towns, Shopping and Markets


Elounda is by car 7 minutes away. A local bus connects directly from the place behind our house beach as well to Elounda as to Agios Nikolaos. A tourist "tour train" also travels this trip slowly in open wagons. Elounda has a wide variety of shops, including jewellery and fur shops. There are many small boutiques and souvenir shops. There is an open local market every Friday selling everything from honey, local fruit and vegetables produce to swimwear.You will enjoy it!

Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos has many interesting shops, jewellery, ceramics, boutiques and small art galleries selling works by local artists both Greek and foreign residents. There is a natural lake in the centre of the town skirted by local pavement cafes and restaurants from small ouzeries to restaurants with international cuisine. There is an open air cinema in the summer months which shows current up to date films and there is often a children's film at certain times too. Agios Nikolaos also has a beautiful marina which is well worth a visit and often hosts regattas with guests from all over the world. Every Wednesday there is an open market selling local produce from the fertile Lassithi plains making it a good place to shop for fruits and vegetables.


Heraklion (Iraklio) is by car around 75 km or 45 minutes away. It is a much larger town with many shops and restaurants. Indeed many of the shops represented there are internationally known, eg Marks and Spencer. The archeological museum of Heraklion with its widely known Minoan frescoes is definitely worth a visit. The Minoan Palace of Knossos, excavated by the late Arthur Evans lies in the green suburbs of Heraklion.